My 10 minute meditation this morning was a guided meditation about positivity and gratitude.

Positivity and gratitude is something I try to live my life by and have done now for many years ( I think it comes from being a huge fan of the Secret). When you live your life with positivity and gratitude good stuff happens.

When you are grateful for what you already have (instead of focusing on what you don’t have) opportunities come about to bring you more things to be grateful for, it’s like magic.

Gratitude lists are a really good way to set the tone of gratitude and they can turn a bad day into a good day in an instant, because you start focusing on all that is good in your life.

When I go out for a run, I list in my head all the things I am truly grateful for

For example;

I am truly grateful for my two beautiful, healthy, children who show me so much unconditional love and who I love unconditionally in return.

I am truly grateful to my wonderful loving, supportive husband, who allows me to follow my dreams.

I am truly grateful for my fantastic new job, which allows me to spend more time with my family who I love deeply.

The list goes on, about my wonderful parents, my great friends, my dogs, my home, everything I can think of that I’m grateful for.

I then send out a huge thank you with all my heart for all the wonderful things I’m grateful for and by the time I’m done I’m in a wonderful positive happy mood.

Why not give it a try???

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