Time for breakfast

2 weeks into my miracle morning challenge and the results are so amazing I know I will now be doing this for life.

The biggest thing it has given me is time. I am usually a stress head, I get out of bed a the latest possible time and then stress about being late, screaming at my kids like it’s their fault Mummy hit the snooze button 5 times.

The Miracle morning gives me so much clarity and focus on what needs to be done, it’s almost like time stands still sometimes and because I’m not rushing everywhere, I’m not stressed.

There are lots of little things regarding having more time I’ve noticed. On Saturday, I had to work early. I got there 15 minutes early. The fact that I didn’t worry about being late or getting stuck in traffic once meant that I was totally relaxed when I walked into work, I then just took everything in my stride and my morning at work was amazing.

This morning I noticed I have time for breakfast. I’m following WW so having a healthy filling breakfast makes the rest of my day so much easier. If I’m running late and skip breakfast I end up hitting Starbucks and wiping out all my points in a couple of bites. Whereas today I’ve just eaten, sausage, egg and tomato, it’s well within my points so the rest of the day will be a breeze.

Lack of time for me equals stress, but since doing this miracle morning, I seem to have all the time I need. If your excuse for not giving it a try is not having enough time then I strongly erge you to reconsider.

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