I am a money magnet!!!

I have actually lost track now of how many days I’ve been doing the miracle morning, I think it’s because it’s making such a difference to my life, I have no intention of stopping after the 30 day challenge is complete.

My life was pretty amazing to start with, because I’ve read and practice the Secret I’m already quite a positive person who constantly assesses my life and what makes me happy, but this routine has just fine tuned it.

When I looked into this the areas I wanted to improve using the miracle morning, wanted to improve my health and my finances. I am in the middle of a career change so it’s to be expected that for a month or two finances may be a bit tight.

Anyway, when reading the secret I came across the following affirmation:

“There is an abundance of money in this world and it’s on its way to me, because I am a money magnet. I love money and money loves me, I am receiving money every single day. thank you Thank you Thank you”

I do this affirmation every day. At first it felt like a lie, but then as I was saying the line “there is an abundance of money in this world” I just thought of the ever increasing lottery jackpot that currently sits at £139million. That is a lot of money and it’s just sat there waiting for someone or people to win it.

When I say the line “I am a money magnet” I visualise money flying towards me and sticking to me.

When I say the line “I love money and money loves me” I visualise myself in my kitchen throwing money in the air singing ‘I’m in the money’ as I dance round in circles with money pouring over me like confetti.

Finally the line ” I am receiving money everyday” this got easier as I started to actually receive money everyday!! I imagine lots of envelopes coming through my door all containing cheques and cash for me.

Once I’ve finished my affirmations, I sit and visualise opening those envelopes and counting the cash in them.

So does it work???

It certainly is for me!! firstly I have managed to secure all the workshops I needed to get the wage I had in my mind. Secondly when I went for a massage, I had 7 points (points I didn’t even know I was collecting) which meant I got £7 off my massage.

Whilst walking in the park with my family, we found a book with a note that said congratulations this book now belongs to you. I won the lottery, ok it was only £2.60 on this occasion, but that £2.60 bought me a ticket to next week’s draw and I received a cheque through the post.

As well as recieving money I’ve also felt a new found wanting to give more away. I’ve started putting my change from my shopping into the charity pot at the till. The other day my son and I bought a homeless man some food and drink to keep him going for the evening and when I saw a lady stressing because she didn’t have a £1 to get a trolley, I gave her £1. All these acts made me feel amazing.

In fact giving money away is just as satisfying if not more so than receiving it.

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