Things to do list

This week has been manic, whilst embracing my new career I’ve taken on a little too much this week, but it’s ok. I have made an absolute point of doing my miracle morning. I’ve even been getting up earlier so I have more time on each of my savers (read previous blogs if you have no idea what I am talking about). It had worked a treat, especially as I have made my scribing saver into a time to write a things to do list.

I litterally write down everything I need to do, from packing my car up for a workshop, to walking the kids to school and eating breakfast.

I make sure that I put in sometime for myself for a run or a walk with my pups, yesterday I had a little afternoon nap ( it was needed!!!)

Anyway my things to do list is really helping me stay on track, my good mood from my miracle morning really does last all day (unless I can’t get into a video everyone is raving about, so I have no idea what they are talking about).

Putting a line through all the things I have achieved as the day goes on really makes me feel a little like super woman and if there are some things I don’t manage to do, I look at all the things I have done and think to myself. You are Awesome!!!

I think from now on my things to do list will be a permanent fixture in my life, along with the rest if my miracle morning savers.

Anything that keeps me feeling like I’m sitting on cloud nine all day is a keeper in my eyes.

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