Miracle morning for ever

33 days ago I set myself a challenge to undertake the 30 day miracle morning life changing challenge and I can honestly say it is probably the best challenge I’ve ever set myself. I certainly won’t be stopping.

What I haven’t mentioned until now is that I also took my friend along for this particular ride. It’s not generally her type of thing, but I said “it’s only 30 days” then her husband spoke up and kindly offered to walk the dog while she did the miracle morning, so she was in.

Along the way, I’ve received various calls from her saying what a difference it had made to her life and how she is doing things she never thought she would, but I knew she was truly onboard when 3 days ago I received a message challenging me to another 30 days of the miracle morning. Obviously I willingly accepted this challenge.

I can’t put into words how something as simple as this personal development routine just changes everything, but it does.

Yesterday, I came home to find a young girl (who often bullies or insights others to bully my son) sitting in my house, playing with said son. I know before my reaction to this would have been to ignore the girl and come up with an excuse as to why she needs to leave, before reminding my son of all the hurt she has caused in the past.

I didn’t feel like that yesterday, I was aware of how would normally react, but instead saw an opportunity for these two to become good friends. I asked the girl if she would like to stay for dinner, which she did.

This is just one example of stress/tension that I have let go of. I am genuinely living in peace and harmony and I believe it’s all thanks to the miracle morning.

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