Sunday mornings at there best

Waking up hangover free at 5.30am and coming down stairs to do 2 hours of personal development is the best way to start your Sunday.

It is rainy and windy outside, but inside is calm and peaceful. The kids and my hubby are still in bed. I’m just sat in my living room, diffusing my favourite essential oil, writing my blog without a care in the world.

This morning I took my meditation to a whole new level, thanks to my new book ‘The Master Key’ by Charles F Haanel. I normally use guided meditation, but today I just did it myself. I quietened my mind when I needed to and visualised my own dreams and desires. It was amazing.

I got my blood flowing with a little yoga and had a delicious cup of coffee. All by myself in a lovely peaceful setting. This is what Sunday mornings should be about.

So many people tell me they just don’t have time to do anything for themselves and that is why they are so stressed all the time. My message to them is make time. It’s not even 8 am yet and I feel on top of the world, in complete control of my life and most of all I’m truly happy and content.

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