To drink or not to drink

It’s funny how alcohol can really play with your mind. Tomorrow I have been off the booze for 28 days. I feel great and my skin looks great, but yet I keep thinking about drinking on Saturday to reward myself for not drinking for 28 days. ‘Ah it’ll be alright, you can stop again on Sunday’ like that would happen!!

These are only thoughts at the moment. I haven’t given into them and I hope I don’t. I’m using a tactic I learned from OYNB. I’m fast forwarding to how I will feel on Sunday if I drink versus if I don’t drink, so here goes.

If I drink on Saturday night, I will probably fall asleep, wasted on the sofa, half way through a movie (annoying my husband). I’ll then drag myself up to bed where I won’t be able to get back to sleep because I’m too dehydrated and I feel sick. I’ll wake up Sunday morning grouchy and tired and probably order a McDonald’s breakfast, busting any chance of a weight loss at fat club on Monday. I certainly won’t go for the run i’m planning. I probably won’t meet up with friends or walk the dogs, in fact I’ll probably waste the day feeling completely disappointed in myself for giving into my cravings, not moving far from the sofa.

But what if I don’t drink? I can get myself a few cans of alcohol free beer or just have a nice cup of tea, while I watch the movie my husband wants to watch on Saturday night. I’ll get a fab nights sleep and wake up with a spring in my step ready for an early morning run on Sunday. I’ll eat healthy nutritious food, perhaps even treat myself to a nice coffee while I meet up with friends in the woods to walk the dogs and let the kids run off some steam. I WON’T be giving myself a hard time for being stupid!!!

So the question is ……to drink or not to drink…’s a no brainer isn’t it???


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